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These are some examples of my sculptures made in different media: bronze, marble and plaster. Please click the following images to zoom.

Title: Tai Chi, was commisioned by an English couple and it is housed in UK. (SOLD)

Size: 1.5M X 2M X 1M

Material: Stainless Steel

The available smaller model Size: 40cm X 60cm X 20cm

Title: Chinese Kung Fu

Mterial: Stainless Steel

Size: 40cm X 60cm X 20cm

My sculpture "Transformation" was selected in Hong Kong Internatioanl Sculpture Symposium 2012, and it was exhibited in Quarry Bay Park from 17th Dec 2012 to 4th April 2013. After the exhibition in the Park, a school is the permanent home for my sculpture "Transformation"!


I was selected to exhibit my horse sculpture, which was made specially for the exhibition in Hong Kong Jockey Club Penfold Park on 3 Dec 2011 and in Hong Kong Jockey Club Racecourse on 11 Dec 2011.

I was selected in the International Sculpture Symposium in Changchun, China to make my monumental sculpture "Dream - Dragon DNA", which is displaying permanently in North Lake - Wetland Park in Changchun, China. Click here for more information....

"Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea" art event at Repulse Bay on 29th November 2009, please click here for more information....

Let's Dance

Kiss (SOLD)

Goddess at Rest #1/2 (SOLD)

#2/2 (available)

Let Me Go


Second thought




Great Expectation

A series of Goddess of Mercy (SOLD)

Tranquil (SOLD)


Deep Thinker


Tango (SOLD)

Seated & Twisted

Seated Pose

Male Nude


Luscious (SOLD)

Loving Care




(Italian Marble)



Yoga (SOLD)

Male Torso

Yoga 1, 2, 3

Think Twice



Bodhisattvas (Bronze)

Venus (SOLD)

Sleeping Beauty


Synchronize Swimming - Flamingoes

Synchronize Swimming

Synchronize Swimming - Flamingoes

#1/2 (SOLD)

#2/2 (available)

Bodhisattvas (Fiber Glass)

Male Nude