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I was selected in the International Sculpture Symposium in Changchun, China to make my monumental sculpture "Dream - Dragon DNA", which is displaying permanently in North Lake - Wetland Park in Changchun, China. There were 104 professional sculptors from all over the world spending one and half months in the Symposium to make different sculptures of their own unique styles.

My monumental sculpture "Dream - Dragon DNA" is displaying permanently in North Lake - Wetland Park, Changchun, China.

Title: Dream - Dragon DNA

Medium: Bronze on Marble


The sculpture is a dragon flying on the cloud in the sky.  The structure of DNA double helix sequence is built to form the dragon DNA for the concept of my sculpture.  In the Chinese legend, dragon was the most powerful and intelligent creature in animal kingdom and dragon also symbolizes Chinese – that means Chinese are like the descendants of dragon having the power and wisdom. The dragon is flying on the cloud in the sky, it symbolizes Chinese is in the position of being on the top of the world. 

My name is engraved on the memorial stone for this International Sculpture Symposium.

Here is the news report from Hong Kong Phoenix TV talking about me and the Symposium.

These were some of the 104 professional sculptors at the Unveiling Ceremony of the International Sculpture Symposium on 1st September 2011.