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Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea

Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea 2009 was open to the public for one full day on Sunday 29 November 2009. For the public, it was a chance to discover some specific and environmental sculptural artworks, made especially for this particular site of Repulse Bay and the Seaview Promenade on the southern coastline of Hong Kong, selected with an original and international approach, in a beautiful natural setting. SHKS is conceived as an active and dynamic project contributing to highlight Hong Kong as a unique cultural place in Asia.

My Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea

"Water to Sea - the Metaphor of Life"
The ice bubbles represent the solid form of sculptures of water.  The dripping water from the ice slowing goes down to the sea, eventually the water in the sea will slowly evaporate to the sky, and it will come back as rainwater from the sky.  That is the metaphor of life - the cycle of life.  Life comes and life goes.  The process of melting is like the timeline of life, the transiency of life.  The red bamboo scaffolding gate symbolizes the Gate to Heaven. The bamboo scaffolding is used to show the Chinese heritage to my work, and the colour "red" is chosen to add some essence of Chinese to the work. Click the link here to see more photos taken on that day..

In the morning at about 10:00am, 9 pieces of ice bubles were hanging on the "Gate to Heaven".

In the afternoon by 3:00pm, all 9 ice bubbles melted away into the sea.

In late afternoon at about 5:30pm just the sun went down.

During the whole day, so many kids saw the ice bubbles and they were instantly attracted to them.

That little boy loved the ice bubble so much that he just ate it. Lick it! Touch it, grab it!
Finally, after weeks of several attempts my scaffolding bamboo gate was built by my own hands successfully and firmly with the advice from a professional scaffolder Bill on the phone.  The "Gate to Heaven" was delivered and erected successfully on the rocks with great help of several strong men like Ah Leung, Perry and Chan Tsun Ming and BU students on Saturday evening.  The final touch was done with 9 ice bubbles hanging on the Gate at about 9:30am on Sunday morning.  During the whole day, a lot of visitors came and took photos of my sculpture "Water to Sea - the Metaphor of Life".  Many kids came, not just looked, they touched and even licked the ice bubbles.  They all loved the ice bubbles I made.  Some of them even suggested that I should have made the ice bubbles with juice, then they could have eaten them as ice-lollies.  I took some photos of the visitors and my work in different time of the day to show the different stages of the melting ice bubbles.  The ice bubbles did not last long, they finally all melted away into sea before 3:00pm. Time went very quickly, the whole day event was over at about 6:00pm when the sun gone and it became very dark.  The Gate was successfully removed with great help from Oliver and Tommy Tung.  Now I keep the Gate at my garden because I put a lot of efford to build it and I don't want to throw it away.