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Awakened SleepersTransformed Places
2012 Hong Kong International Sculpture Symposium

Title: Transformation
Medium: Timber Sleeper & Stainless Steel
Size: 3 meters (L) X 1.7 meters (H) X 1 meter (D)
Author: Winnie Siu Davies
The concept of my sculpture for the Hong Kong International Sculpture Symposium 2012 was inspired by the history of the venue of the Symposium taking place.  The specific site – Quarry Bay Park and the adjacent area used to be a shipyard half-a-century ago.  The area has been developed into a large scale residential estate and high rise buildings decades ago.  In fact, the transformation from a shipyard to an area with modern high-rise buildings also parallels to the history of Hong Kong.  Hong Kong has transformed from a small fishing boats haven 150 years ago to a big modern busy city with skyscrapers today.   Therefore, I chose “Transformation” as the tile of my sculpture.  The base of my sculpture is a symbolized boat with modern high rise buildings erecting inside.  The boat is built with recycled timber-sleepers, and even the buildings are also made of timber-sleepers, but with addition of stainless steel and bronze windows.  The basic materials are using the recycled old timber-sleepers, which add a sense of historical value for the boat, while the stainless steel and bronze windows on the buildings give the reflection of modernity.  Therefore, my sculpture “Transformation” is an iconic image of Hong Kong.