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A series of “Goddess of Mercy”

Medium: Bronze on Marble

Year: 2006

Size: Various in sizes

(from ~ 10"H to 12"H )

A series of “Goddess of Mercy” I create to depict a non-traditional concept of Chinese Goddess of Mercy called “Kwun Yin” in Chinese.  The original imagery of “Kwun Yin” had been developed from “Bodhisattva” of  Indian Buddhism with a long history in China. The image of “Kwun Yin” is usually portrayed as a graceful goddess with elaborate details and fine craftsmanship.  In contrary, I depict my Kwun Yin in simplicity and minimalism, no details nor facial feature.  I only keep a long flowing gown to suggest the elegant gesture of a “Kwun Yin”.

The whole series is a collection 4 different individual images of Kwun Yin from the Chinese legend of the delivery of baby boys by Kwun Yin.  It is believed that if you wish for a son, then you have to pray to Kwun Yin, then God will give you a baby boy and delivered by Goddess of Mercy.  The four sculptures of Kwun Yin shows the different stages of the legend of the delivery of baby boys by Kwun Yin.