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Oil Painting

A Series of "Windows".

This series of my paintings is based on the theme of windows, you may imagine whether you are inside looking outside through windows, or you are outside peeping inside through the windows from outside. Through these windows, one may perceive the reflection of different issues, such as social injustice and political incorrectness in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Social Issues becomes Abstract

Hong Kong Social Issues

Hidden Agenda

Hong Kong Nocturne

Hong Kong Public Housings


One Country Two Systems becomes Abstract

Hong Kong Property Market I


Post 1997 - Continue to Dance

Hong Kong Red Light District

Post 1997 - Horses continue to run

Window Reflection

Serving RMB Everyday

1st July

Serving RMB every night

Dreaming Serving RMB


Antique Street (SOLD)

Hidden City

Beyond Window (Day Scene)


Fish Wholesale Market

Central Construction Site

West Kowloon - ICC

Western Harbour

Girl behind Bars (SOLD)

Man behind Bars/Empty Chair

Lay Bare SOLD


Window - Spring Window - Summer Window - Autumn Window - Winter
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