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Oil Painting - Windows

Title:Window – A Reflection of Social Issues in Hong Kong
This is an abstract painting with hidden meanings behind it.  At the first glance, it is like a typical scene beyond a window in Hong Kong, advertising signs, billboards and Chinese celebration placards on overcrowded buildings around. In fact, it is a window scene which reflects the social issues in Hong Kong.  A traditional Chinese placard, which is supposed to celebrate the return of Hong Kong to China, is hoisted in the foreground. 1st July 1997 was the day Hong Kong was handed back from UK to China.  It is no doubt that it is the date for China to celebrate. However, for people in Hong Kong, it is a doubt of celebration because since then Hong Kong still has no democracy.  Other Chinese advertising signboards: “Hong Kong Jockey Club” for horse racing, pawn shop, banks and credit cards for financing loans services behind are giving subtle hints of the social issue of the gambling problem in Hong Kong. 


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