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Oil Painting - Windows

Title: The man behind Bars

This is a fusion of realism and symbolism I created, so I call it “surrealism” in the concept.  A hidden concept of symbolism with real bars building on the canvas which creates my concept of “surrealism” and the illusion of realism.
Liao Xiao Bo is the Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2010, however he has been put in jail in China because of his view on democracy. 
Real bars of the window are built to symbolize the bars on the prison window, while the portrait of Liao Xiao Bo is put behind the prison window to create an illusion of Liao is behind the bars of the prison window.  However, he is still smiling because he knows who is having the last laugh, and who is wining the people’s heart at the end! Liao is scarifying his own freedom, but he is showing to the world the issue of freedom of speech in China!


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