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Oil Painting - Windows

Abstract Expressive Dripping Chinese Calligraphy:

Abstract Calligraphic Neon Lights in Hong Kong

Medium: Fluorescent Paint on Canvas

Size: 100cm X 150cm

Chinese ink calligraphy is one of the most traditional form of arts.  It carries the roles of continuity in fine arts and cultural heritage in Chinese history.  The essence of traditional Chinese calligraphy is reached by the control of brushstrokes through painful years of practice.
However, Win Davies has taken the traditional Chinese ink Calligraphy into a new extent.  Her creation of Abstract Expressive Dripping Chinese calligraphy with fluorescent linear colours is the fusion of traditional Chinese calligraphy with the Abstract Expressionism in art. The forceful Chinese ink brushstrokes have been turned into expressive abstract linear forms on canvas.  It is a breakthrough from the very disciplinary control of traditional Chinese brushstrokes into the improvising dripping unconscious accidental forms.  The crisscrossing dripping linear forms are intertwined into an abstract expressionist art of its own.
Besides, the traditional monochrome of Chinese ink calligraphy has been redefined into the extreme multi fluorescent colourful expressive dripping calligraphic art.  The lofty Chinese ink calligraphy has been reinterpreted as an abstract expressive dripping fluorescent linear Chinese calligraphic work of art, which was inspired by the neon lights of street art.


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