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Oil Painting - Windows

Title:Empty Chair
This is a fusion of realism and symbolism I created, so I call it “surrealism” in the concept.  A hidden concept of symbolism is put on the canvas, which creates my concept of “surrealism” and the illusion of realism.
Liao Xiao Bo is the Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2010. However Liao has been put in jail in China by the Chinese Regime because of his political views on the June 4th  Massacre and his comments on the development of democracy in China. 
Liao was not even allowed to receive his Noble Prize, so the chair was kept empty for him at the Noble Prize Winner Presentation Ceremony.  Therefore I use my painting to depict the moment at the Noble Prize Winner Presentation Ceremony.  The Noble Prize is sitting on an Empty Chair waiting for Liao.
In order to create an essence of surrealism to this painting, a little window with bars is added to at the top left corner of the painting to symbolize the window of the jail where Liao is locking up there.  The colour of “Chinese red” inside the jail is specially chosen to symbolize China.  The honourable bright red carpet, where the chair sits, contrast to the black dark wall of the jail in China.

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